Latest Products Latest Products Tue, 22 Sep 2020 06:46:34 +0530 en-us Magnetic Equipment Wed, 25 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Magwell Industries is a well-known Manufacturer and Supplier of the best quality Magnetic Separators. We are engaged in making available wide variety of Magnetic Separators that is inclusive of Overband Magnetic Separator, etc. Magnetic Roll Separator Tue, 26 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 MAGWELL latest development in magnetic separator technology provides the best separation effect for the magnetic separator application, which brings an opportunity for the high standard requirement of depuration and purification for material. This high intensity roll type permanent magnetic separator provides another more efficient solution for this higher purification goal, which widely used in many industries as the most eficient magnetic separator for purifying materials.   Working principle: MAGWELL high intensity permanent magnetic Roll-Type Separators consists of permanent roll made of NdFeB disks interleaved with pure iron disk, idle roll, conveying thin belt, adjustable splitter and vibratory feeder. Operation of the separator is so simple that material to be treated is fed by the vibratory feeder onto conveying thin belt, magnetic particles are attracted to the roll and discharged into a “Magnetic ” separate chute, while non-magnetic particles are discharged from the roll a “NM” chute.   Application range: Industry mineral/ore: silicon, sand, quartz(silicon rock), feldspar and black granitic nepheline Grinding compound and fire-proof material: Aluminum oxide, chromite, emery Heavy ore sand: ilmenite, leucoxene Food, madicine and chemical product Precision plastics Ceramics and glass raw materials Recycled material Special material and metal, electronic waste etc Eddy Current Separator Tue, 26 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We are a well-known Manufacturer and Supplier of precision engineered Eddy Current Separator. Eddy Current Separator, available with us, is designed and developed to separate non-ferrous conducting metals. The Eddy Current Separator is in compliance with the highest quality standards. Avail Eddy Current Separator from us at the market leading prices.Construction & WorkingThe Eddy Current Separator consists of a short belt conveyor. The ECS rotor, which is fitted at the discharge end of the conveyor, is constructed using a high-intensity rare earth magnet system and sits inside a non-metallic rotor shell. The rotor, when spinning at high speed produces eddy current into conducting metals which produces a magnetic field, then opposes that of the rotor, repelling non-ferrous metals. The remaining materials free fall over the rotor, separating them from the repelled materials.Features High Quality Motor Controls and Drives Side Skirts to Confine Product to Belt Heavy-Duty Bearings and Motors Different type and size magnetic rotor designs Heavy Duty Urethane Belt High Powered Neodymium-Iron- Boron Magnets   Applications Separation of non-ferrous chips Stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass from shredder residue and fluff Aluminum scrap recovery in foundry sand Reclamation 98% recovery of aluminum cans from commingled recyclables Extract aluminum beverage cans from either pre-sorted or mixed refuse Non-ferrous metal recovery in refuse streams and ash streams in Waste-to-Energy facilities Circular Lifting Magnets Wed, 25 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Mechanical construction of MAGWELL has high capacity lifting magnets are very sturdy to meet toughest demands in service. The one piece of magnet body is cast from high-grade dynamo steel. Underneath, between centre and outer poles, the magnet body is closed by sturdy, cast and rib-reinforced non-magnetic austenitic manganese steel plate. Fastening at the centre pole is effected by means of a shrunk-on ring, and at the outer pole by locking ring. The standard three-fall chain suspension, designed with common suspension ring is rated to meet all normal duty load. Special change are available on request for extremely heavy loads. Two lugs for guide ropes are fitted as standard.   The Bumping plate: A strong plate made from hard, wear resistant, manganese steel protects the coil but does not interfere with the magnetic field.   The coil: This is made from Anodized strip or aluminum / copper conductor. The anodized aluminum strip requires no insulation between turns and has a much better fill factor than copper coils, which increases the load possibilities. The coil is also extremely temperature-resistant.   The design: The magnetic pole, the steel cross-section and the flow through the coil have all been precisely tailored to each other to provide optimum transport power and weight conditions.   The power supply: We deliver the appropriate power supply to every one of our magnets.   CABLE TERMINAL BOX The cable terminal box is of robust construction to meet toughest practical service and it consists of the following parts: Cast compartment (back) for exciter coil connection Line connections from back to front compartment Cable collar to limit load on cable Terminal board for connecting the cable Gland bolt for sealing the cable Front compartment for connecting the cable Back and front compartment covers are fitted with watertight gaskets, secured with socket head screws Solid and fracture-proof protective cover made of cast steel incl. set screw. This cable terminal box is constructed for durability   ELECTRICAL ACCESSORIES The following electrical accessories are required with the lifting magnet and are available. Transformer rectifier set or DC generator Contactor Panel Cable reeling drum Remote switch Master controller   Application: Loading/unloading of steel scraps/pig irons/cast iron/boring/turning/broken steel Handles slabs, blooms and ingots Handle plates/angle/channels Used in smelt mixing operation Can be used with mobile cranes Direct feeding in the furnace Sweeping/cleaning of mill area Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder Mon, 16 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder is a simple structure that offers convenient operation at low power consumption. The Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder can adjust evenly to ore amount. The Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder is used for automation flow operation to open type and closing two points. The Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder is suitable generally for loose material. The Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder is perfect for non-stop processes. The Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder can handle slightly wet, heated, dusty, lumpy and abrasive materials.Used for Pharmaceutical Glass Food and chemical processing Steel Plastics Rubber industry Fertilizer industry   Applied In Batching Weighing Packaging Blending Sprinkling Proportioning Storage   Working PrincipleA vibratory feeder is a device that uses vibration to "feed" material to a process or machine. Vibratory feeders use both vibration and gravity to move material. Gravity is used to determine the direction, either down, or down and to a side, and then vibration is used to move the material. The material is almost always a dry material that unlike a liquid, may not move down an incline without some assistance from the vibration effect. The vibratory feeder comes in many shapes and sizes but all uses the same principle, which is to feed bulk material in at the top in an uncontrolled fashion and take material out at the bottom at a controlled and steady rate.Design FlexibilityOur experience and longevity in the market have resulted in a variety of deck models. Tubular. Grizzly. Enclosed. Open. Conveyors with Multiple Power Units. Decks with Screen Sections   Applications Application Area Flow-extraction from silo / hopper. Flow-regulation for weighing equipments etc. Flow-feeding for / in processing lines. Application IndustryIt is been widely used in the food, mining, cement, refractory, iron ore, coal feeding, feed, chemical and the pharmaceutical industries,etc. Gyratory Screen Separator Mon, 16 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 MAGWELL separators are circular screen separator. It is ideal for solids/solids and solids/liquids applications. Gyratory screen consists of Specially Designed Motor mounted vertically at the center of the base plate of the Screen. The Screen is in between feeding hopper and bowl. The material is fed on to the centre of top screen. The undersize material passes rapidly through the screen during its travel to the periphery. The oversize material get continuously discharged through a tangential outlet. This is achieved by specially designed Vibratory Motor along with eccentric Top and Bottom Weights.   WORKING PRINCIPLES: Rotation of the top eccentric counter weights creates vibration in the horizontal plane which causes material to move across the screen cloth to periphery increasing the horizontal throw, causing oversize material to discharge at a faster rate. The bottom eccentric weight rotates below the centre of mass creating tilt on the screen giving vibration in vertical and tangential plane. Increasing the vertical component of motion, this promotes turnover of material on the screen surface helping maximum quantity of undersize material to pass through the screen. Rugged Springs placed over the circular motor base amplifies the vibration.   Features : Low Space Requirements Lower Noise Levels Dust Proof Enclosed System Accurate Separation Efficiency Lesser Maintenance and Power Consumption Ball Tray for Anti-Blinding Multi Deck Models Available   Industry: All kinds of medicine Chemical industry: Resin, Pigment, Cosmetic, Coatings, Medicine powder Food industry: Sugar powder, Starch, Salt, Rice noodle, Milk powder, Egg powder, Sauce, Syrup Metallurgy, Mine industry: Aluminum powder, Copper powder, Ore alloy powder, Welding rod powder Medicinal Waste treatment: Disposed oil, Disposed water, Disposed dye waste water, Active carbon Vibratory Furnace Charger Wed, 25 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 The Vibratory Furnace Charger delivers required capacity, stores hopper of required capacity and moves carriage with driving arrangement. The Vibratory Furnace Charger eliminates problems like high labor cost, hazards operators faced in foundries, melting shops etc. the automation of Vibratory Furnace Charger allows foundry men to work safely, eliminating injuries arising from molten metal splash. The Vibratory Furnace Charger allows maximum furnace utilization by charging it quickly. Furnace lining damage is also avoided by Vibratory Furnace Charger.ConstructionVibratory Furnace Charger consists of a vibrating feeder mounted on a moving trolley with a storage hopper mounted above the feeder. Control panel for operating the system. Cable reeling Drum / Cable Drag Chain. The metallic components like scrap, bales, pig iron and foundry retains are stored in the hopper. The hopper shape is specially designed to enable bulky and irregular scrap pieces to be extracted without problem.   Working PrincipleThe required amount of scrap metal is loaded into the storage hoper at the loading point. The trolley the carries the vibrating feeder along with the storage hopper to the furnace charging point. Here, the vibrating feeder is energized and the material is effectively discharged into the furnace as per the required capacity. As the metal is melted down, fresh batch of metal can be fed into the furnace thereby keeping the furnace full. The capacity of the vibrating feeder can be varied by varying the amplitude of variations. The amplitude of vibrations can be varied by adjusting the position of centrifugal weights or by using a variable frequency drive (optional). A control panel specially designed to suit individual client requirement depending on the sequence of operations required is provided.Features and Advantages Very fast as compared to manual charging of furnace thereby enabling optimum use of the melting system. Minimum heat loss of the furnace since the charging process can be maintained continuously at the required rate. Extremely controlled charging of material into the furnace. Prevents damage to the furnace lining since the material is properly guided into the furnace so as to avoid the material from hitting the furnace walls. No direct exposure of manpower to the furnace thereby preventing dangerous accidents due to metal splash (since the operator can carry out the operations at a very safe distance.) Screen Separators Wed, 25 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 All those who are looking for a trusted entity offering top-notch Screen Separators in the Indian market can get in touch with us, today. We are a reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of Screen Separators in Tamil Nadu, India. Vibrating Equipment Wed, 25 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We have a strong foothold as a trusted Manufacturer and Supplier of Vibrating Feeders in Tamil Nadu, India. Our specialization in this domain has helped us to provide Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder and Tubular Vibrating Feeder in standard and tailored specifications as per buyer's needs. Material Handling Conveyors Wed, 25 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Get in touch with us for acquiring top-notch Material Handling Conveyors at marginal prices! We are reckoned as trustworthy Manufacturer and Supplier of Material Handling Conveyors in Tamil Nadu, India. Vibratory Screen Separator Mon, 16 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Based in Tamil Nadu, India, we are preeminent Manufacturer and Supplier of Vibratory Screen Separators. The company has developed a modern manufacturing facility for rendering customized solutions as per the specific demands of the buyers. Our Vibratory Screen Separators feature easy installation and upkeep, cost effective prices and long life-span.More about Vibratory Screen Separator : MAGWELL Vibrating Screen is available in various sizes. It is widely used in various industries. The Widely used for flowing materials like Coal, Iron Ore, Lime Stone, etc., and can be screened from 2mm to the higher sizes. Mounted on helical springs on four ends and driven by unbalanced motor, the motors are totally dust sealed and provided with unbalanced weight for vibration. The inclination angle can be adjusted as per requirement. Our range is Available in capacity of 1 ton/hr to 200 ton/hr capacity. vibrating screen is offered from single deck to multi deck type.   Working Principle : Dewatering screen adopted dual vibration motor as power supply. The double vibration is installed parallel, when they are running at the same time, centrifugal force is produced by two groups of eccentric block. Centrifugal force along the direction of vibration is superposed, otherwise it is offset. Thus form a single centrifugal force which along the direction of vibration, which makes screen box affectation reciprocating linear motion. The screen frame is connected by the high-intensity bolts, so the structure is stable and durable.Features : Compact and designed for continuous operation Shift from 0oto 8o inclination Special linings for abrasion, cutting or handling sticky materials are available Optimal vibration isolation through the use of highly elastic spring elements Low cleaning and maintenance time due to one-piece trough design The latest drive technology and maintenance-free silent vibrators with variable axle load Available as a closed or sealed pressure system with multi-part covers available Applications : Widely used in coal, building materials, light, metallurgy, mine, power, refractory industries, etc Suitable for classification and high efficiency screening of large lump materials, small&medium granules Circular Motion Screen Separator Mon, 16 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We have precision-engineered and efficient Circular Motion Screen Separators in our store! Being a quality-driven Manufacturer and Supplier, we strive to deliver the best in line products to the end users. For this, we keep ourselves updated with the leading market demands and industry standards while manufacturing them. With us, buyers are free to place orders and can expect timely deliveries. Tubular Vibrating Feeder Mon, 16 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Vibratory conveyors transport material from one point to another. Magwell’s range of Tubular Vibratory Conveyors can help you move dusty, abrasive, messy or dangerous substances cleanly, safely and efficiently.   These conveyors are ideal for the transfer of all granular and powder products. Tubular and Flat Pan Vibratory transfer conveyors with multi inlet and multi outlet is available as easy to clean and maintain systems.   Powered by two counter-rotating vibration motors set at 45 degrees, the action imparts a force on the material moving it forward. Variable feed rates are also possible when required with a control signal to regulate the flow.   ADVANTAGES: Complete sealing of the conveying tube Conveying under pressure or in vacuum conditions, in protected atmosphere… Dusty products can be conveyed (product with high percentage of fine dust) Regular capacity quantity that can be adjustable continuously by potentiometer Capacity can be set or automatically controlled by the mean of a electronic regulation or by analog set point 4-20 mA or 0-10 V depending on various parameters   APPLICATIONS: When sealing of material is important. i.e., dust control, security When other processes / inspections are required during transport When product is abrasive When product is fragile Vibrating Table Wed, 25 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 MAGWELL offers a wide range of Vibrating tables. Concrete vibration table consists mainly of platform chassis, vibrator spring components, mesa and chassis. They are used for chemical, food, plastics, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, glass, building materials, food, fertilizers, abrasives, ceramics and other industries.   Principle application of a Vibrating Table is to uniformly fill the mould, drive out air bubble and compact the product to achieve superior mould strength and higher surface finish.   WORKING PRINCIPLE : Concrete vibration table were welded with steel plate and steel, vibration table is the same motor plus a pair of eccentric composition. And through a pair of pylon coupling installed on mesa (reverse) center position, plays a vibration compaction process smoothly and vertical direction function.   FEATURES : While using the Vibrating Table you can adjust the vibrating motor’s vibrating force to the platform on the material to achieve the desired form. Good sealing performance, no dust overflow Continuous production, single or multi-layer, auto-classification filtering Energy-saving and low noise with vibration motor Start fast and stop smoothly Simple installation, easy operation and maintenance High power, large platform; maximum power of 7.5kw, exciting force 80KN, sand box can carry the weight of 8T Table height adjustable, suitable for assembly line use three-dimensional vibration, complex cavity for casting Variable, modeling process, without damage of the premise, for best compaction results Since the locking function, the production line to ensure accurate positioning   APPLICATIONS : It is suitable for any dry material screening from 0.74mm-5mm., the largest particle size is 10mm.It is widely used in chemical, food, plastics, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, glass, building materials, food, fertilizers, abrasives, ceramics and other industries. Food industry: sugar, salt, alkali, gourmet powder, starch, milk powder, yeast powder, pollen, food additive, bean milk, juice, etc. Abrasive material and ceramic industry: building sand, mica, alumina, abrasive, refractory material, slurry, etc. Chemical industry: resin pigment, medicine, grease, paint, palette, etc. Paper-making industry: coated slurry, exhaust liquid, paper making liquid and waste water reclamation, etc. Metallurgy and mining industry: quartz sand, ore, titanium oxide, zinc oxide, etc. Mechanical industry: casting sand, powder metallurgy, electromagnetic material and metal powder, etc. Belt Conveyor Wed, 25 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We have efficient and cost effective Belt Conveyor System in our store! We are acknowledged Manufacturer and Supplier of Belt Conveyor System in Indian market. The Belt Conveyor System offered by us is used in the electric power, metallurgy, mine, coal, cement, steel, chemical, port, hydroelectric power, grain and other industries. Our Belt Conveyor System can be personalized, accordingly.More about Belt Conveyor System The belt conveyer can be installed horizontally or aslope to meet the needs of different transferring requirements. The working environment temperature is lower than 40oC. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal and other industries, the belt conveyor can be used to transfer bulk materials or material in pieces, according to different transferring requirements, the transferring system can be of only one belt conveyor or consists of several conveyors, or combined with other transferring equipments.   Working Principle : The belt conveyor mainly consists of the rack, conveying belt, belt roller, tension device, transmission device . The machine body is made of the high-quality steel plates connected with each other, forming a rack based on the height difference between the front and back legs. The plane is slant with a certain slant angle. The belt roller, carrier roller, etc are installed on the rack, used to drive and support the conveying belt. The driving mode includes speed-reducing motor driving and electric-roller driving. Belt conveyors can be used to transport product in a straight line or through changes in elevation or direction. In certain applications they can also be used for static accumulation or cartons. Designed to stand up to “worst case” conditions. Feature : Belt conveyors are easy to assemble, install, operate, dismantle, relocate, re-assemble and reinstall in different ways and different lengths. They are easy to adapt and easy to service.Application : Belt conveyor is widely used in various industrial enterprises in such field as following: mining, metallurgy, coal industry, food industry, recycle industry etc. Hinge Type Chip Conveyor Wed, 25 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We offer Hinge Type Chip Conveyor System that is enough capable to handle both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Manufacturer and Supplier of from Tamil Nadu, India. Our Conveyor Systems are configured with the components such as feeders, hoppers, etc. to provide a complete material handling system. Depending on the types, we proffer them out in several specifications and grades. Get in touch with us for acquiring them at feasible pricesMore about Hinge Type Chip Conveyor System : Standard designs are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your application and include plain, perforated, pimpled or pimpled & perforated aprons The material to be conveyed is brought to the required height at a defined incline and then discharged. There are more hinge belt systems in operation than any other kind. In most cases, therefore, turning machines are good candidates for hinge belt systems.   Working Principle : Transportation of the material takes place on the upper trough of a revolving hinged belt. Drivers ensure transport of the material up the inclined section. For wet machining the cooling lubrications are collected in the conveyor housing and can be fed back into a pump station.Features : Longer life and smoother performance with heavy-duty side frames Interlocking belt side wings prevent jamming of material Perfect for conveying a wide range of materials in demanding conditions Custom engineered designs using standard components Application : Our hinged belt conveyors can be used either as stand-alone conveyor at machine tools, large Conventional Machine Tools, CNC Machine Tools, middle / small Press and Laser Cutting Machines Ribbon Blender Mon, 16 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 MAGWELL Batch type powder blenders are of wide application and highly efficient. They are used in leading processing plants for mixing materials such as chemicals, foods, drugs, medicines, cosmetics, plastics, synthetics, dyes, fertilizers, insecticides, animal feeds, and many other products. Horizontal, single shaft with double proportioned ribbon is housed in the tubular mixing drum. The vortex ribbon rotates with main shaft and thus bring raw material move towards direction of vortex ribbon. We can design round or rectangular shape inlet port on top cover, discharge valve (manual, pneumatic or electric driven) in middle of bottom. MAGWELL Ribbon Blender which is ideal for light to medium mixing.   Working Principle: Internal and exterior ribbon move the raw material in different direction when main shaft speed driven by drive unit at a nominal speed. The exterior ribbon transfers the material from the ends to the center while the inner ribbon moves the material from the center to the ends. This counter-current action results in highly homogenous Blending due to strong and three-dimensional movements in the whole process.   Features: It is of wide range applications in different fields. It applies to various materials and particle sizes with high homogeneity The vessel fabrication is stable, robust and easy to install and maintain. The whole Blending process is reliable which results in low maintenance and low wear It is suitable to add less than 15% liquid additive by spray nozzles while the Blending homogeneity is high For viscous or cohesive materials, it performs much better than other horizontal Blender The minimal gap between ribbon and vessel ensures Blending efficiency and minimal dead spots Vacuum or air inflation is also applicable to some special purposes As per different raw materials or special purposes, ribbons can be changed into blades or ribbon. High speed choppers are also optional It is highly efficient within short time. For different raw material and particle sizes, the homogeneity is very high Jacket like dimpled jacket, electric heating bars jacket, water jacket, heat transfer oil jacket, steam jacket is widely used in different applications The performance of packing seal and air purge seal for the main shaft seal is good. Meanwhile, packing gland made of PTFE which is of abrasion resistance, waterproof and long service life It is easy to clean through cleanout door or top lid Discharges including flap valve, slide gate valve, ball valve and butterfly valve are optional for different solutions. Moreover, different control like manual, pneumatic, electric drives are available   Applications : The ribbon mixer is generally used in the mixing of viscous or adhesive powder material, or the mixing of powder which needs to add liquid, and paste material. Meanwhile, because it is difficult to clean viscous material, the machine is suitable for the mixing case, where the output is large and there is no need of displacing material variety frequently. Mixing of dry or wet materials & pastes food ingredients (meal, sugar, …) chemicals (fertilizer, dertergent, …) minerals (plaster, pigment, refractory, powder, …) vegetal stuff All the controls are mounted on the front panel and are clearly designed. An attractive plastic cabinet with carrying cum tilt bracket makes the instrument light in weight and portable. LED display gives direct reading with 1gauss resolution on the 2k range and 10 gauss resolution on the 20 K range. The unit is supplied with a calibrated transverse Hall Probe. Twin Shaft Mixer Wed, 25 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Our domain expertise lies in manufacturing and supplying of Twin Shaft Mixers from Tamil Nadu, India. Made up of the finest quality materials and advanced technology, our Twin Shaft Mixers are pressure-sealing device and avoid leakage. Further, their customization is also accomplished by us. One can acquire them in retail or bulk, from us   Working Principle:  The twin shaft paddle mixer consists of paddles mounted on twin shafts in a ‘W’ shaped trough. The material to be mixed is charged from the top of the trough. Liquid spraying arrangement if required can be provided. The normal filling level is slightly above the shafts. Thus, there is surplus space in the mixer trough to provide air around the particles so that they can move freely. The specific speed of the shafts combined with the overlapping motion and paddle design facilitates rapid fluidization and ensures excellent transport of particles. The normal working volume in this type of mixer is about 25% of the total volume of the trough. If the normal working volume is rated as 100% working capacity, then the range of operation of the mixer is from 40% to 140% of the rated capacity. The twin shaft, counter-rotating paddles lift the particles in the centre of the mixer trough, in the fluidized zone, where mixing takes place in a weightless state. This results in random movement of particles in all directions .Mixing homogeneity of 98 ? 99 % can be achieved using twin shaft paddle mixer.Applications : The unique agitation ensures rapid yet gentle blending, short mixing cycles, low operating costs, minimal product degradation and one of the highest production capacities of any mixer type. Fluidized zone twin shaft paddle mixers are capable of preparing a homogenous mix independent of the particle size, shape and density. Applications of the twin-shaft paddle mixer are in industries such as feed, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, building and environmental. Magnetic Grills Wed, 25 Sep 2019 00:00:00 +0530 We are a trusted entity, engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Magnetic Grills from Tamil Nadu, India. Made up of the finest grade materials, our Magnetic Grills are used to remove medium and small-size ferrous tramp metal contaminants from dry, granular free-flowing product streams in gravity-fed vertical Chutes, hoppers, housings, surge or catch bins. Further, Magwell Magnetic Grills are easy to install and clean. They offer competent, inexpensive magnetic protection of processing equipment such as milling, extruding, and mixing, while at the same time improving product purity. Get them at feasible prices, from us.   Features : Round, square, and rectangular arrays come in many sizes. 100% stainless steel enclosed design. Rugged all-welded construction. Quick-clean designs. Place in hoppers, receiving pits, housings, chutes and bins. Custom grate sizes and mountings to meet design criterion. 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